You belong, we need each other.
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Think of one person

that matters to you.

that matters to you.

you can make a difference

We know that we can't wait for great things to happen, because we are the active contributors in creating an environment and moment where people can meet Jesus. We believe that just like Jesus, we go out of our way to see people encounter the living God. Think of that one person close to you that needs to hear of God's love and think of what you could do today.

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My biggest joy in hosting a Word Connection group is watching our members develop close-knit friendships. We pray for each other every week and celebrate victories to those prayers in each other’s lives. The word we hear and discuss definitely helps us grow as individuals and together as a church family.


Host, Parkland

Fellowship Groups

There are a variety of groups that meet throughout the month that serve to meet your unique needs as an individual.

Women's Ministry

The heart of the women’s ministry is to create bonds that support each other as a sisterhood. The Women’s Ministry meets on Tuesdays for bible study. There are several events throughout the year, too. Sue Butler is the leader of the Women’s Ministry.

Men's Ministry

Meeting for breakfast once  a month on a Saturday, the men bond over good grub, great conversation and a short, applicable teaching. The most important thing to be reminded as Christian men, is making the hardest of decsicions. Tim Butler is the leader of the Men’s Ministry.

Flourish Ages 0 - 22

Unique experiences for all ages every service. Events happen throughout the year. Led by passionate volunteers and leaders dedicated to the safety, joy and development of young people. We are a young generation revolutionized by God’s love. Flourish is led by John and Tina Scheerer