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For those who are mailing in their giving: PLEASE SEND MAILED GIVING TO

P.O. BOX 110608 TACOMA, WA 98411

We have been informed that people are mailing their giving to the physical address of the church. The Postal Service will reject anything mailed to the church location.

online giving

So how does online giving work?

  • 3 ways to give – The Church Center app, online, or text-to-give
  • link your bank account either through ACH or using your debit card
  • settings are linked to your Church Center profile and can be reviewed any time

For those already attending byHisword:

  • Profile: Use the email and full name already assigned to your Church Center account with byHisword. CALL THE OFFICE FOR INQUIRY 253 536 2233
  • ACH: Have your bank routing and account number available to enter.

For those new to byHisword:

  • Profile: Enter your full name and choose your preferred email to register with byHisword when you give for the first time.
  • ACH: Have your bank routing and account number available to enter.
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    Church Center app

    So what can you use the app for?

    • donations
    • smallgroups
    • children check-in

    get the app on your phone

    then search for “By His Word”

    Check in your kids

    You can check in all your kid in a snap using the app.

    Donate in the app

    You won’t worry about forgetting your checkbook.

    Word Connection smallgroups

    You can see when your group meets and have the study resources.