covid-19 coronavirus updates:

Newest updates listed first:

4:00 PM October 6th

Just a friendly reminder of the value of maintaining social distancing and wearing masks as we meet together for church service. Thank you for your support in this time!


For the safety of all team members, we sanitize all equipment and stations EVERY day that we live stream.


7:00 PM June 26th

#1 – We will continue to live stream our services, do not feel obligated to come back to church if you are in a high risk category or you are just not comfortable at this time.  We want to see your faces and don’t want you to stay away for too long but we understand if you don’t come back right away.

#2 – When you drive in to the parking lot please park in the front of the church, we will have limitations on entering the church and everyone needs to come through the designated doors in front when entering the facilities.  Please maintain your social distancing while waiting to enter the facility.

#3 – Upon entering, the team will conduct a quick health screening, which will include asking some simple questions, performing a no-contact temperature check of everyone in your party, including your children and ensuring you have a mask with you at the time of entry.  If any person in your group has symptoms consistent with Covid-19 or has an elevated temperature reading you will be asked to leave and watch our service via live stream.  Please, please if you are having symptoms stay at home until you are clear of the symptoms or cleared by your medical provider, call us though and let us know, we want to pray with you for quick and speedy recovery.

#4 – We ask you to follow the directions of our ushers, they will help to seat you in our designated seating designed to aid with social distancing.  We have a few areas reserved in the back of the church for families attending with smaller children, please sit where designated and remain in this location for the duration of the service.

#5 – We are asking you to sit with the group you traveled to the church with, attendees will be required to sit in families or in groups as they have arrived.

#6 – There will be no coffee bar or other refreshments available at the church, if you need water or other refreshments, please bring them with you.

#7 – We will have limitations on the number of people who can be in the bathrooms at any given time, the ushers will assist in managing these limitations, please wait in the designated spots for availability in the restroom and follow the ushers directions.

#8 – We are asking everyone to do your best to maintain social distancing, we want everyone to be social, say Hi and show the love of Christ, just from a distance, to the best of your ability.

#9 –  At the conclusion of service, please feel free to fellowship, however we must limit the number of people in the foyer and in the sanctuary, maintain social distancing, go outside if you want to talk and do your best to keep groups smaller with the proper social distancing maintained.

#10 – Lastly and most importantly, enjoy being back together, even though different right now, it is all worth it, we are so excited to welcome you all back to Church.”

9:00 PM June 19th

We have some exciting news! Watch service on Sunday, June 21st for a special update regarding our church services opening back up again on site.

Until you hear from us, we are not meeting together at the church.

3:00 PM May 27th

Until you hear from us, we are not meeting together at the church. We are continuing to monitor local and state guidance as Pierce County transitions through the phasing process.

7:00 PM May 23rd

We are aware that the Federal Government declared churches as essential. However, we will continue to live stream only until further notice. We maintain that the soonest that we would meet is June 7th.

5:00 PM May 12th

Governor Inslee has released a 4-phase program. By His Word will still continue only live stream. The soonest that we will meet together in person for a church gathering will be June 7th and no sooner. We will keep you informed of any changes and updates.

2:00 PM March 29th

Governor Inslee has verified that church teams can come to church to live stream

5:00 PM March 16th


YOU are the church, we will still be connected online in this season

1:00 PM March 15

CANCELED  [March 29-31] – Kenneth & Lynette Hagin Living Faith Crusade Originally scheduled for the end of this month, these meetings are to be rescheduled for ‘tentatively’ next year.
We are still meeting together at byHisword. For those that have shown symptoms, or don’t feel safe to come in person, a live stream of the service will be available to watch from the safety of your home.
Only Adult Service and Cultivate Youth Church will be available.
NO Flourish children Ministries until further notice. Cultivate Youth is still planning on meeting, stay up to date.

11:00 PM MARCH 14

We are still having church tomorrow, March 15th, 10:30 AM
The Foyer, Bathrooms, Espresso and Sanctuary have been sanitized.
For all children age groups, there will be no Flourish Generation Ministries classes open.
* Remember, you can experience online church this coming Sunday, March 15th. Here, on the home page. Our YouTube Channel and the stream will also be shared on Facebook.

2:00 PM MARCH 13

As of now, church will still happen Sunday morning March 15th.
For all children age groups, there will be no Flourish Generation Ministries classes open.

5:00 AM MARCH 13

As of now, we are still planning on having church service on March 15th. We have made a pre-recorded online church service experience which will be available right here @10:30 AM Sunday morning if staying away from large groups serves you and your family’s best interest.
Until further notice, byHisword will host ALL future Sunday and Wednesday online only. Wednesday, March 18th will be the first official live stream. Starting at 7 PM.
* In the contingent that we will not have the church publicly open Sunday morning(March 15th), the pre-recorded church service alternative video will be the first of all live stream church services until the WA and US government lifts these health safety restrictions.