CULTIVATE Youth Church

At Cultivate Youth Church we know young people will live up to the expectations set before them. Current culture stereotypes young people as lazy, and incapable; but we see the potential that God can produce through each young life.

Cultivate Youth Church desires to see a young generation revolutionized by God’s love. Many social justice movements are started by young people who have had a passion sparked in them. If a generation of young people begins to comprehend the love of God and what it can do for not only them but the hurting world around them there will be unimaginable effects upon the world. Every young person desires to have purpose and to make their mark. At Cultivate Youth Church we know that through God’s love and power any young person can transform a generation, a culture and even the world.

Our primary goal is to work with families to train young believers through a personalized relationship with God and a deep knowledge of His Word. We are committed to developing young people into stabilized, mature believers who are vital contributors to the body of Christ and who revolutionize the world.