International Missions

Here at By His Word we believe that we should not only encourage our church members to be involved in missionary work, but we should also partner as a church body with existing mission organizations.  The ministers and organizations below represent those we partner with on a monthly basis and that support is generated from monthly pledges by our church membership.  If you are interested in participating financially to support the Missions Program, please obtain a pledge form to solidify your monthly commitment.  To receive more information you may contact an usher at any church service and they will provide you with a brochure featuring all the details.  We invite you to read through the information below and be sure to check out the websites of those we support. 

Mutual Faith

Rev. Keith Hershey

As Keith recollects, in September of 1979 he went to the office of an African mission organization in Pasadena, California.  Nervous, excited, and uncertain about the future, he had many questions.  As he embarked on this journey he soon realized the time working with these African refugees displaced from the murderous dictatorial reign of Idi Amin in Uganda was going to change his life and his world view.  God used this time to expand Keith’s vision and build his confidence so that he could be used of Him to reach the nations.

Responding to the call of God in 1984, Keith and Heidi Hershey began ministering in Africa, Europe and the Middle East.  Returning to the USA, Keith and Heidi founded Mutual Faith Ministries a non-denominational, evangelistic mission’s organization.  Since that time and through God’s faithfulness as they obeyed Him, thousands of lives have been touched in over 80 nations.

Presently, MFMI has regional offices in Guatemala, Costa Rica, the Philippines, Nigeria, Ghana, Ivory Coast and Lebanon, along with support offices in England and South Africa.

In these locations and in the international office in Mission Hills, CA, Mutual Faith Ministries raises up missionaries and leaders to spearhead regional and national offices around the world.  For more information on Keith Hershey & Mutual Faith ministries visit them on line at

By His Word Christian Center has supported Mutual Faith Ministries since the late 1980’s.

Joe Purcell Ministries

Rev. Joe Purcell

In addition to serving as Directors and instructors at Rhema Bible Training Center Singapore (RBTCS), the Purcells minister in both denominational and non-denominational churches in Singapore. As the Lord leads, they also travel to other nations to teach and preach the gospel of Jesus Christ in the power and demonstration of the Holy Spirit.

Through the generous giving of partners like By His Word Christian Center, Joe Purcell Ministries has provided logistical support to numerous ministries on the foreign field.   By His Word has consistently supported this mission’s ministry since 1998. To learn more about Joe Purcell Ministries you can visit their website at

Villanueva Christian Center

Ptr. Virgie Jumawid
Cagayan de Oro, Philippines

Our support for Villanueva Christian Center  was born out connections made over the last several years.  Several leaders have made a connection with not only Pastor Virgie but with other pastors and churches as well. These relationships forged a commitment from our church to not only support them monthly, but also support them on several projects.  Most recently, By His Word raised enough funds to purchase the Villanueva Christian Center a Jeepney. This not only provides reliable transportation, but also is a regular source of income to the church.
Every single person that has visited Pastor Virgie comes back saying the same thing:“Our dollar can do so much in this place”.  As we continue our support for this ministry we look forward to increasing our commitment to these precious people and to that which God has placed before them.  Through your prayers and financial contributions we have supported Villanueva Christian Center, Light of the Word Training Institute (Adult Bible School) & By His Word Foundational Learning Center (Kinder School) since 2006.

Rick Renner Ministries

Pastor Rick Renner

Rick Renner ministries has become much more of a mission’s ministry in the last decade then a teaching ministry.  The ministry pillars of teaching, strengthening and rescuing provide the framework for the ministry to meet the needs of their church in Moscow but also the dozens of satellite Good News Churches throughout the former Soviet bloc countries.

While the focus has been in this area of the world, the ministry still reaches individuals in the United States and throughout the world by the dozens of great teaching materials Rick Renner ministries produces.  Books like “Sparkling Gems from the Greek” to Renner classics like “Dressed to Kill” have touched countless lives.

All three of Rick and Denise Renner’s children now join them in the ministry in Russia by providing leadership for the Good News Church in Moscow. To learn more and hear regular teaching, visit

By His Word Christian Center has supported Rick Renner ministries since the late 1980’s and through your faithful support will maintain a partnership with them.

Church-Sponsored Mission Trips

We support missions around in the world by sponsoring short term mission’s trips. These trips are organized, sponsored and put together by the church and it’s leadership  for the purpose of providing our members opportunities to experience ministry in other parts of the world.

In the past several years we have sponsored a youth trip to Costa Rica and a Church Leadership Conference in the Philippines.  Many times these trips are  in conjunction with a larger project to support specific building or capital needs in the area the team is visiting.  Depending on the nature of these trips individual members may be asked to join these trips or an open application may be presented.  Listen and watch for these opportunities in the various forms of church communication.