Our Purpose

Reaching to Train, Stabilize and Mature the Body of Christ


Connecting people to build family affection for the purpose of, One Body, One Spirit and One Hope of the calling of Christ.  Ephesians 4:4


In the training stage the focus is helping believers grow to a place where they can hear the Word of God for personal change.  In cultivating commitment & establishing consistency the proper foundation can be built, helping them realize who they are in Christ and how the Holy Spirit works in their life.  The emphasis on the practical applications of the Word helps them bring discipline to the flesh, grow spiritually and become a better witness for Christ.


A stable Christian is one who has good fellowship with Christ which translates into good fellowship with others.  Stable Christians take responsibility and are dependable both for the work of the ministry and the daily interactions and relationships of life.   At this stage of development believers will be pressing in to hear the voice of the Lord to a greater degree.  Because they can hear His voice, they are not easily moved off the foundation of the Word despite adversity and failings in others.  They are a house which is built on the rock.  Mathew 7: 24-25


In this stage an individual is ready to be used of God to a much greater degree.  They are not easily offended because they have the attitude of a servant.  They are more interested in what they can put into other’s lives and serving them rather than being served.  They are givers in every area of their lives.  Love is not just something that is talked about; it is something that is lived (1 Corinthians 13).  A mature Christian is a perpetual learner and a perpetual witness, not only through their words, but through their actions, habits and character.

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